Didi Perfect Locations was initiated in Barcelona, 2014, as a boutique real-estate investments and development company. We take pride in the way we do business. Our work process and high standards ensures that throughout each project, all the people involved will be satisfied and their expectations met. This is the way to create good and high-yielding business that also makes high-quality homes. A young, passionate and ambitious team works hard to create and deliver new projects using our unique touch to the enjoyment of our clients.


Ori Porat

L.L.B. - Co-founder

Licensed Lawyer (Israel) and Developer with over a decade of experience of creating lucrative real-estate investments in various locations world-wide.
Ori is the owner and manager of consulting and project management companies in Tel Aviv and Barcelona, specializing in complex renovation projects and had delivered over 80 apartments.
Something else: Avid Yoga practitioner and AcroYoga teacher

Ran Afek


B.A. – business management and communication.
Ran is the owner of a Tel-Aviv based vacation rentals company, experienced real-estate entrepreneur and investor working in Tel-Aviv, Berlin and Barcelona.
Something else: A dedicated “Foodie” and wine lover


Our company strives to bring new standards to the real-estate development field. With modern work process, personal and reliable connections with clients and investors and attention to the small details, we try to differentiate ourselves with the old-style corporations. Strict business ethics and transparency guide us and allow our partners and investors to feel secure and in professional hands. We work hard to fulfill the maximum potential of each project and this way ensure that our efforts are worthwhile to both financial investors and end-clients.


Pol Gómez


Qualified Architect (ETSAB, UPC). He works on all the technical needs of the company; from the structure, to the installations, to the development of the executive projects and licenses. Something else: he loves basketball.

Laia Freixes

Architect, Interiorist and Graphic designer

Qualified Architect (ETSAV, UPC) and Graphic Designer (Eina) based in Barcelona. She works on the creative needs of the company; from the style of each apartment, including the selection of materials, colors and furniture, to the website and brand design. She also manages the budgets, timings of the projects and the works direction. Something else: she likes art and travelling to new countries.

Joan Glasser


Lawyer with over 10 years of experience, specialized in Real State Law. Joan is seeking to guarantee the necessary legal certainty in the life of the company. For this reason he analyzes every project from the first stage in order to give the necessary tools to go through every minute detail of all the projects. He aims to ensure that every decision is taken with the necessary legal foundation to minimize the unexpected events. Something else: he is a ball sports fan.

Javi Vilarrubias

Commercial Manager

Born in Barcelona, although he has a degree in sound engineering and music production, he has always been linked to business management and construction, starting self-taught in 2014 in the rehabilitation and management of Catalan farmhouses. In this company, he manages the commercial area, the management and administration of projects as well as dealing with clients and investors.
Something else: he composes and plays the guitar in a rock band.


Our investors vary from first-time small investors that are completely new to the real-estate world, to big well-experienced “players”. Our favorite and most common kind are “returning investors”, joining us again and again after creating a trusting and personal connection, dreaming and growing with us. We have a place with us for everyone.